Tools from the July Customer Success x Customer Support Event

We’ve had a lot of people asking for lists of tools from our panelists. Here are the ones that they’ve provided us with. We’ll be adding an open discussion on the Customer Success x Customer Support Slack shortly!

Roxanne Barrett
Customer Care team lead at Formlabs
Formlabs is a 3D printer manufacturing company based in Somerville. Formlabs Customer Care is a small, highly responsive team that handles all incoming inquiries, from standard e-commerce questions such as “Where’s my order?” to in-depth hardware technical support. Roxanne comes from a 3D graphics and online retail background, and is passionate about creating a friendly, educational environment that empowers users to use our products successfully.
ToolCompany Description
Zendesk Zendesk Customer support management.
AsanaAsana Project management.
JIRAAtlassian Issue tracking.
MagentoMagento E-commerce platform.
Google SheetsGoogle Email, spreadsheets and information management.


Mike Connell
Manager of the Strategic Accounts team at Datadog
Before becoming Datadog’s first Customer Success Manager, Mike worked in new business sales selling security and marketing analytics software. Mike developed a passion for building longterm relationships with customers and learning what it takes to make them successful. Currently, Mike manage the Strategic Account Management side of our Customer Success team, helping onboard, train, and grow their largest customers.


ToolCompany Description
SalesforceSalesforce Sales management.
LookerLooker Business and data analytics.
OwlerOwler Business information and alerts.
FeedlyFeedly News aggregator.
Crystal KnowsCrystal Knows Customer personality platform.


Sebastian Fritz
Services lead at Formlabs
Sebastian leads Formlabs Services, a new department which includes Customer Care, Customer Success, Pro Services, Partners, and Logistics. He is currently busy structuring Formlabs Services to foster team work, creativity, and making customers as successful as possible. Prior to joining Formlabs about 2 years ago, Sebastian worked as a management consultant traveling the country and helping client with supply chain and operations related issues.


ToolCompany Description
Zendesk Zendesk Customer support management.
AsanaAsana Project management.
SlackSlack Team Communication.
JIRAAtlassian Issue tracking.
Google SheetsGoogle Email, spreadsheets and information management.


Julie Hayes, Customer Success Manager at EvergageShe specializes in SaaS and Demand Generation clients, identifying best practices, optimizing processes and personalization strategies in linking external marketing sites and internal applications. She fosters and upholds an innovative and collaborative work environment dedicated to providing the highest quality service and the most value for Evergage customers. Before her work day, you’ll find Julie at spin class and after work, drinking wine with her fiance and 20 year old cat, Russell.


ToolCompany Description
EvergageEvergage Behavior and user tracking and data personalization.
ZendeskZendesk Customer support management.
Google DriveGoogle Email, spreadsheets and information management.
SalesforceSalesforce Sales management.


Ali Noel, Customer Success Team Lead at WistiaAli joined Wistia earlier this year to grow their newly-launched customer success program, which aims to form delightful partnerships with customers and ensure they’re achieving goals with video through the optimization of Wistia’s product. With thousands of customers of all shapes and sizes, Wistia’s success team leverages a vast set of tools to manage their customers, communicate, and organize processes.


ToolCompany Description
HubSpotHubSpot Inbound marketing platform.
HubSpot CRMHubSpot Customer relationship managment.
IntercomIntercom Customer communication.
(soon to be migrating to Zendesk)
HelpScout Customer support management.
DelightedDelighted Customer feedback and NPS.
SlackSlack Team communication.
TrelloTrello Project management.
Google Email, spreadsheets and information management.