We are the Customer Support and Customer Success community for Boston

When Support and Success Boston was formed we had one goal, to bring people together.

While there were plenty of people working in support and success roles in Boston there were no regular events or ways for people to connect. It seemed like our friends in marketing, sales and development were doing to events all the time, when it came to our jobs we couldn’t think of a single group or regular event. Convinced that we were missing something we scoured meetup, Eventbrite and Google and the only thing we found was one off events from groups that had fallen idle.

This didn’t seem right so we decided to take it upon ourselves to bring the community together. Now on our second year we’re still dedicated to bringing people together. If you work in support or success, do it as part of your job, or just want to learn more then you should consider yourself to be part of the community.

You can be an active part of the group in a number of ways:
Join our Meetup group and attend an event
Chat with us on our Slack channels
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or just enjoy our blog or resources